Reviews – NCFM Academy Hyderabad

very excellent thing is unless you understand the concept and become independent trader you can attend the classes and M S REDDY sir will support you. thank you for teaching price action trading sir, without even indicators i am able to trade now.

By: Srikanth Palli

This review is my honest experience.I have been a student of NCFM Academy and MS Reddy Sir.When I joined the classes,I had a bit of knowledge of calls,puts and shares but I was very scared to trade.But today after these classes,I love trading.All thanks to MS Reddy sir.He teaches beautifully,clears the silliest of the doubts,focusses on each and every student,Charges a minimalist fee but gives innumerous books,Video courses and several other pictures as add-ons to our knowledge that we take back home.He allows students to sit back after class practice,clear doubts or even talk to him about any of the investments. No doubt,he is the best faculty in Hyderabad with lots and lots of experience and knowledge.He actually tries to pass on as much of knowledge he can try to in the small period of classes that we have,all that with practical exposure.And the best thing about sir is he is the most genuine and honest faculty.Dont be skeptical to join these classes if u want to learn trading.

By: Shwetha Jain

best institute i learnt a lot as iam a hostaler and junior trader sir said to attend any class or all batches in a day he provided me a lot of materials the institute is peanut for ms reddy sir dont fools us with fake reviews.

By: Neeraj Marri

I know this is an excellent institute. Today I’m in a very good position need some patience . Stock Market is an Ocean . Don’t trust fake reviews.

By: Praveen inti

I am new stock market when i joined NCFM academy. I learned a lot from training, also recommended lot of my friends. Thanks to MS Reddy sir. Mainly the price action technical analysis with live examples and practice in class, helps to understand theory and market trend more efficiently.


M S Reddy sir has a very unique way of teaching in stock market classes he always cares for his students and does not hesitate to go out of the way to help his students understand important concepts, he always makes sure everyone one is clear with topic before proceeding to next one. NCFM academy has helped me understand stock trading be it Technical Analysis or understanding various ways to spot patterns in charts and analysing charts using various indicators. I strongly recommend NCFM Academy Hyderabad.

By: Divakar Dharanikota

This is best institute for stock market training. I havn’t attened the whole session futuresn options still it doesnt matter the ammount of money i am earning is good n i am earning this all because of Mr. MS Reddy sir, he is one of the finest trainer i hav ever seen . Financial market is nt a place for easy money its a place where u need only 10% skill and 90% dedication .so if u r looking for easy money stock market is nt a thing for u ,u should look for somthing else to earn . If u want to get money through stocks then MS reddy is the only trainer who can actually teach u the 10% skill required for market and the remaining 90% is all about you.


Sunder reddy is very friendly and having good knowledge of stock market very professional trainer.

By: Arun Reddy

The class is very nice and MS Reddy sir will explain most of the Trading ways, including live sessions, Sir better to include trader psychological guidance as well.

By: Anil Kumar N

Sir your classes are really good.More than that you are a very good human being.1% scrap is there everywhere to spoil the name but we know what you are worth of.Your teaching is good and a lot can be learned from you.


I suggest NCFM ACADEMY to all who really want to become a trader because MS REDDY SIR who teach in this institute was a great price action strategist and he keep on researching to give benefits to his students.

By: Gopi eti

A fantastic teacher who hand hold you even after the course is over. A mentor for life.


I’m thankful to ms Reddy sir. He made me strong in trading a real market
I got much knowledge from ms Reddy sir about price action strategies which no one can tell you.

By: Ramadevi Chilumuri

MS reddy sir given us confidence to trade real live market. With his guidance now I’m very confident about my trades.

By: Khadar Bashaap

I got true knowledge regarding share market. Ms Reddy sir taught us how to Trade in a real live market with guidance. If want to become real trader I suggest you NCFM Academy(MS Reddy sir).

By: Ganesh Kavati

This is good institute to learn for share market I was very happy for his faculty. Very good explanation thank u sir.

By: Arjun Vuppala

I have taken the training last year and still I get new posts from this academy on new topics, discussions. Thanks for sharing.

By: Kiran Molabanti

I started my journey here only and before i entered this institute i was noob in stock market i lost nearly 1 lakh and my friend recommended this institute after completing my course i become perfect in stock market.
You can check my telegram channel (@hackthestock) from my analysis noob to pro journey. Every technical analysis concept has can be learnt here. Thanks to Ms Reddy sir for his help in my growth.

By: Santhosh Kumar

very very worthy training .very good materials @ ms reddy. keep rocking sir ji.

By: Mm Raju

Iam very thankful to sir. He is very good coach.

By: Uppala Lakshman

NCFM Academy teaches well about stock market and trading. Being a fresher I learned alot about current trading market. Sir teaching was very informatic and useful.

By: Meruga Lavanya

Excellent place to learn about stock market and trading statergies. Sir approach is practical . You can get live experience about trading.

By: Sarath ch

Good institution.

By: Surendranath Chitturi

Real time trading practice and sharing the knowledge on price forecast are really impressive. Thank you.

By: Srikkanth Reddy Baddam


By: Virat Vk

When i attend this course with out any knoweledge now i can do my self live trading with out lossing money thank you msreddy sir i gain knoweledge with practicals ncfm academy is best for who wants to learn stock market for bigeners.

By: Prabhas Gujar

I had a wonderful experience with your teaching. Your Teaching skills are very nice. First of all i don’t know about share market when i attended your classes i acquired a brief knowledge about share market. I will refer my friends & colleagues to join in your institute. Once again i am thanking you M.S.Reddy sir.

By: Naveen

NCFM Academy Hyderabad is the Best place to learn to earn in Share market. Course is simply superb and best in Hyderabad. I joined for both technical and fundamental analysis course and M.S.Reddy sir explained very well with help of simple examples which helps us in understanding the concept.He is a kind of person who can teach even a zero knowledge person.
Thank you M.S.Reddy sir.

By: Naveen Pasem

NCFM academy is the best when it comes to stock market. covers so many indicators, strategies, followed by live examples and excellent material provided by the academy. adavanced technical anaylsis and important indicators were taught.

By: Prashanth M

attend demos with different institutes but NCFM academy hyderabad in the best. Took technical+fundamental+futures+options course here and subject curriculum is very good and very understandable even for IT professional. credits to sir for his knowledge.

By: Naveen V

NCFM academy taught price action trading very well and I learned so much about the psychology of the market and cleared all my doubts puts and calls. Also covered many option strategies. Thanks to highly experienced faculty and his teaching skills.

By: Peddireddy Sattaru

Excellent teaching methods and very good notes. Loved options and futures training. Faculty is expert in advanced technical analysis and teaches numerous indicators and PAT in depth.

By: Praveen K

very good institute which is providing advanced technical analysis training and derivatives live training. Gives excellent understanding of option strategies.

By: Girish S

I have joined the NCFM Academy Hyderabad out of personal interest in stock market and I am very happy to start my journey under the guidance of MS REDDY Sir, He is undoubtedly a ‘Go-To’ person for all the beginners and experienced people in the market.His detailing of every concept makes it very simple and interesting. His examples from past will keep you tuned to his lectures. I would strongly recommend everyone interested in trading to join the academy for good insights into the market.

By: G.Naveen Kumar

Thank you Sir for giving valuable time to us by sharing your esteemed experience in way of class which worth alot to me. The classes are well planned and well explained. In addition topics like derivatives and technical analysis is more understandable when you share your live experience. I feel proud to be a part of NCFM Academy Hyderabad.

By: Madhava Reddy

MS REDDY Sir, is an exceptional professional in STOCK MARKET TRAINING COURSES by virtue is responsible in influencing the future of young students who are aspiring jobs in FINANCIAL MARKETS. Sir knowledge and advices in the said NCFM & NISM COURSES and the strategies exclusively devised will help all the students to have a break through into this field. NCFM Academy Hyderabad is best for the STOCK MARKET TRAINING COURSES and TECHNICAL ANALYSIS COURSES. Sir explain subject clearly and getting students involved are the two most important elements for success in the classroom which personally experienced by me. I would highly reccomend NCFM ACADEMY HYDERABAD as one of the premium institute to learn stock market courses.

By: Vijaya Lakshmi

NCFM ACADEMY HYDERABAD is one of most renowned coaching institute in Hyderabad. It is best destination for the aspirants to get success in stock market as Technical analyst. From my personal experience Technical analysis in NCFM ACADEMY HYDERABAD was really in-depth with such an experience trainer MS REDDY sir, The best part is he keep on repeating the concept 2-3 times till it become clear to us like me with zero knowledge in share market and Technical analysis. It was great for being a part of this Institute. Over all I am extremely satisfied with Institute.


NCFM Academy Hyderabad had enhanced my skills and knowledge on stock market.I thought of enter into stock market from long back,but the feedback i received from my friends about the stock market, i did not have a dare to do it.I thought that i would attend the demo class first and decide whether i am fit for this or not But in demo itself i had decided to join.The class which was given by MS REDDY sir, was excellent.He teaches the subject very simply with real time examples, MS REDDY SIR, spends enough time for each and every topic. Finally I was very much impressed with his simplicity and knowledge on stock market that can be reach to students as much as a student can.Finally, I stongly suggest that this is the best institute to learn more about the STOCK MARKET course.

By: Jakka Naveen

NCFM Academy is a wonderful place to get ur knowledge on stock market training. The trainer Mr. Reddy sir is very knowledgeable and highly experienced. He make me understand the concepts in a easy way. The best part is that if u don’t understand some concepts, the u can sit in other classes where the concept is going on. It may be in other language also. Very cooperative in this part. There only agenda is that the person learns the concept properly. Thanks for the help. Really lucky to find such a wonderful person. Thanks reddy sir & NCFM for the course.

By: Debasis Mund

Reddy sir has abundant knowledge about stock market & highly experienced person. If u want to learn stock market, den it is the best place. I was reluctant abou joining NCFM academy, but now i am truly satisfied and happy with my decision. I learnt a lot about stock market. Thanks reddy sir for all the knowledge.

By: Sanjay Reddy

NCFM Academy Hyderabad gave me immense knowledge relating to stock markets. M.S.Reddy Sir has given proper practical exposure which is compulsory required for learning about stock market. he explains option in stock market so well. i really want trading in option derivative and lots of doubt was clarified. thank you so much sir.

By: Kamal Agrawal

NCFM Academy gave me immense knowledge relating to stock markets. M.S.Reddy Sir has given proper practical exposure which is compulsory required for learning about stocks.


M.S.Reddy Sir provides lots of books and knowledge for a very minimum price.He always wants his students to learn as much as possible.He also assists students after the class hours.So for me it was a very good learning experience from NCFM ACADEMY.

By: Swetha Jain

Ms.reddy sir very good knowledge in stock market and technical analysis, his coaching excellent explain and i learned lot of things in market.

By: Satyabati Sahu

He has a excellent command of subject and in-depth knowledge technical analysis of share market. He explains each and every topics with a real time example and make you understands in a practical way. NCFM Academy is the best institute to train stock market course in Hyderabad…

By: Swarnamayee Sahu