Investment Banking Course in Hyderabad

Welcome to our world of Investment Banking Course & Equity Research Training, and this is a perfect example of equity training research sector. If you want to grab a sector in the equity research career, this course is best suited for different professionals and students. We are here to focus on some of the changing industry trends, where the professional and students come from lesser-known colleges and making big into the equity research market. If you are looking for us, you will receive the excellent opportunity to learn some of the skills, which are not entirely restricted to other colleges or universities. We have a well-designed course curriculum, which focuses primarily on the theoretical aspects of the present practical know-how.

Course overview

Our equity and investment banking training in hyderabad comprise analyzing the equities of companies and stocks to get along with possible investments. Our equity research is further conducted with the help of news, composite of financial records, and interviews with some of the company insiders. This is further termed as fundamental analysis or securities research. This efficient service comprises of sell-side research, where the research is practically done by the analyst, known for conducting the research and use the same in the firm’s monetary investment. The work primarily revolves around the financial modeling techniques, valuations like DCF, forecasting, and relative valuations. Through our training sectors, you will come to learn more about the:

  • Advanced Excel
  • Excel
  • Financial modeling
  • Corporate valuations

Additionally, the same training sectors will discuss the skill sets, which comprise of report writing and sectored specified financial modeling. This investment banking course further comprises of tutorials, dealing with IPO, mergers, and acquisitions, pitch book, and fundraising. With the help of our comprehensive course, you will receive an opportunity for the professionals and students to learn about equity research and investment banking, all under the same course structure.

Primary skills required over here

There are some simple skills, which are necessary while planning to be a part of our equity research training. Some of those are:

  • VBA or Visual Basic
  • Mastering the Microsoft Excel
  • Analyst Fundamental and accounting analysis
  • Equity valuations like the relative valuations and discounted form of cash flows
  • Reporting the writing techniques
  • Financial modeling

Summary of our course

Let’s get into the overview of our Investment Banking & Equity Research Training. The points are mentioned below, listed for the betterment of our aspiring students and probable professionals:

  • Overview of the present financial modeling
  • Getting familiar with the basics of the Excel
  • Working with the current advanced sect of Excel
  • Preparation of the financial modeling
  • DCF or Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Overview of the present equity research
  • Fundamental analysis along with equity value multiples
  • Discounted cash flow along with its analysis template
  • Analysis of the annual report

The Target Audience

Any student, with a graduation degree in science, engineering, arts or commerce background, can look for our Investment Banking & Equity Research Training course structure. Moreover, we have further designed our course module for the FRM and CFA candidates. On the other hand, we have a separate course module for the masters in the finance sector, and students with an MBA in the finance category. There are some other courses available for charted accountants, employees relating to consulting firm and employees in the current equity research broking firm, like research, sales, and more.

Advantages of our Investment Banking & Equity Research Training

If you want to know more about the reasons to rely on Investment Banking & Equity Research Training, then the points listed below, are readily available to help you out, in this sector:

  • From us, you will receive HD quality video demos along with animated presentations
  • We have further practice tests, mock tests online, games and quizzes, relating to the main subject
  • Guides to the equity research along with equity research presentations
  • Training materials, which were prepared by the equity brokers and equity research analysts, using the latest techniques and updated methodologies
  • Formulated cheat sheets
  • Instant feedback on the performance level through some online research quizzing techniques

These are some of the points, which are enough to prove that we are the best in this category. We have our courses with special highlights, which will help in increasing the value of our research training sectors.


Module 1: Overview of the present financial modeling:

  • Offering an overview of the current financial modeling
  • Identification of the newest features associated with Excel 2007
  • Explanation of the procedures, relating to the Excel basics
  • Description of the process to start with the advanced excel
  • Starting the design, technique, industry knowledge and business as associated with financial modeling
  • Description of the purpose of using a financial model and starting the application as used by different users

Module 2: Get linked to the Excel basics:

  • Get linked to the Excel
  • Moving around cells along with entering information
  • Working with the functions and formulae
  • Understand the importance of file operations
  • Copying and moving the data
  • Formatting with the names
  • Working with multiple sheets and printing
  • Manipulation of large worksheets
  • Customization of excel sheet
  • Sorting and even subtotaling the data

Module 3: Associated with the advanced excel:

  • Working with the worksheet functions of the advanced sector
  • Creation of views and using goal seek and solver
  • Management of the pivot tables
  • Usage of the Excel for managing lists
  • Working with charts and templates
  • Get familiar with the auditing features
  • Formatting of the cells and learning about the Excel functions: deleting objects and inserting formatting, proofing tools and reviewing

Other advanced course modules

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are some other advanced modules available. Some of our advanced courses over here are the preparation of the financial model, discounted cash flow or DCF analysis, equity research structure and value, and even the getting familiar with the current footnotes.

We have some video demos, which will help you to learn the course modules, without leaving the comfort of your house. Join hand with us, and let us assist you with the expert advice.

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