Technical Analysis


Trading Range Definition & Trading Strategies Typical characteristics of Trading Range Market: • No-Gap Opening or Gap opening in yesterday’s range• Day start with Doji bars / overlapping bars• Multiple early reversals in 1st hour• Relatively big opening Range (more than 50 % of ATR)• Prior few days are sideways days• Several changes in the […]


How to define a Weak Trend

A Common characteristic of a weak trend: (Uptrend) • No-Gap opening (or) Gap opening in yesterday’s Range• Move with overlapping bars• Trending PHs and PLs but with deep pullbacks• Major sideways correction after every BO• Pullbacks cross EMA (Consecutive 2 (or) more strong bars close below EMA)• Pullbacks go below prior swing high• Significant Trend

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Detrended Price Oscillator

The DPO is utilized to eliminate the trend from the price. It can be performed on isolates as well as identify short-term cycles. It’s not usually aligned with the most recent prices. It is offset towards the left that aids to eliminate current trend. Just due to it is offset towards the past; the Detrended

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Most of the traders don’t understand the difference between the three broad types of trading momentum. Many traders take a look at the momentum indicators considering its actual location. For instance: let’s consider RSI. In case, if RSI is moving rapidly, then it is assumed that momentum is up and even vice-versa is also possible

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Accumulation Distribution

The concept of accumulation distribution is developed by Marc Chaikin. It is a nothing but a volume-based indicator mainly designed to gauge the flow of money inside as well as outside the security. The accumulation distribution (AD) process involves technical analysis indicator which uses of volume to confirm the cost trends or warning of weak

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Volume Accumulation

Designed by Marc Chaikin, an accumulation distribution line is a volume-based tool made to estimate the cumulative money flow into and out of safety. Marc referred to the tool as the cumulative flow of money line. As with the cumulative tools, an accumulation distribution line is the running total of every period’s flow of money

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Linear Regression

Introduction: Linear regression is a kind of statistical process for estimating the value of the dependent variable from the independent variable when the relation amidst the variables can be utilized with a linear model. Forex trading online has become well known in the past few years. The selling platforms are providing a lot of cost-free

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Triangular Moving Average

The TMA is similar to other kinds of moving averages in which it manifests the average cost over a particular number of data points. But the Triangular Moving Average varies in which it’s doubled polished- that even implies averaged twice. The TMA can be determined to utilize several input data like volume, price or other

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Moving Average Exponential Ribbon

It is a kind of method utilized in the technical analysis to recognize transforming trends. The Moving Average Ribbon indicator is an array of moving averages of different lengths conspired at the similar time on the chart. The outcome is ribbon appearances which offer a look of 3 dimensional. This ribbon is made of 8

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Commodity Select Index CSI

The CSI is nothing but a momentum indicator; it was flourished by J, Welles Wilder in the year 1978. He promoted Commodity Select Index in his book called New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems. This commodity takes the strength of the trends as well as volatility into consideration to decide momentum. It was flourished particularly

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