Financial Modeling Course in Hyderabad

Financial Modeling Course: The financial modeling training with MS Excel Foundation is here to enable the professionals to handle some finance models with the application of advanced level tools and Excel applications. In a layman’s term, financial modeling is precisely defined as a complete task of creating a model, which represents the performance level and financial asset of any business. These financial modeling skills are critical for the commerce and finance professionals, mostly associated with mid-senior management experts, on a worldwide sector.

Additionally, you will enjoy some added benefits with the proficient use of MS Excel while going through the course and learning it. This training helps commerce and financial experts to gain an in-depth understanding of the financial modeling techniques, which will help you to succeed in today’s world.

Reasons to go for Our Certification

At the current business scenario is going through a complicated situation, therefore; there has been a shift in the skillful use of spreadsheets, used to facilitate comprehensive and detailed financial models. On the other hand, the spreadsheet software further helps the experts to allow powerful data presentation, with the aid of visual elements through some back-end coding. MS Excel is defined as the most feature loaded software, which is used in the spreadsheet based modeling sources, and the commonly used while working on our course modules.

Benefits from NCFM Academy Hyderabad

At the end of our Financial Modeling Training in Hyderabad, you will be able to gather some valid information on different topics. Some of those fundamental objectives are listed below:

  • Get the basic understanding of valuation modeling, along with the types and parts
  • Get acquainted with the project finance modeling, as another major course work.
  • Students will get value-added features when it comes to acquisition and mergers modeling.
  • Macros and the relation associated with financing modeling
  • Advanced form of Excel functions for the financial modeling
  • Advanced charting along with techniques, relevant to dash boarding technologies

Career Benefits

Now, you must be thinking about the reasons to get along with our Financial Modeling Training in Hyderabad, and the career aspects relating to this sector. As per the recent survey made, the median salary of any financial consultant will range from $33,000 to $129,000, on a yearly scale. Moreover, you can further kick start your career as a financial modeling analyst, where the average income will be around $80,000.

If you can get to understand the importance of financial modeling techniques, then there are high chances that it will help in minimizing his risk, relating to error, while using validation tools. You can further use the validation tools in better ways. Moreover, you will be recognized globally as a leader in financial modeling, after going through our certified courses. It will help you to enjoy some lucrative job offers in equity research, credit rating firms, qualitative and quantitative research firms, investment banks, project financing firms and in mutual fund sectors.

Aspiring Students for the Course

We have designed our course in such a manner so that even a novice can take active part over here. However, our course modules are designed primarily for MBA students, investment bankers, and commerce graduates, professionals in the financial corporate sectors and for business analysts. On the other hand, our coursework is designed for project finance and economics professionals, looking to strengthen the knowledge of financial modeling implication and techniques.

Reasons to choose us

Want to know why we are the best Financial Modeling Training in Hyderabad, when compared to other names? Well, the answer is listed below:

  • We are the leading certificate training provider with more than 100 professionals, training our students.
  • Our center has been trusted by 500 companies, for the career training and growth.
  • There are experienced trainers and veterans, conducting training for different courses.
  • The courses are developed and designed under tested unique learning framework, which has already proven to deliver 98% of pass records.
  • Our courses are approved, accredited and recognized as training partner, organization, education provider and as examination center by some of the renowned names globally

Financial Modeling Course Content

Now, it is time for you to get along with the course syllabus, and try to look for the one package, which suits your requirements, the most. Let’s talk about the packages, which we have in store for you:

Financial modeling with the help of MS Excel

  • Introductory note to financial modeling programs
  • Reasons to financial modeling and agenda
  • Structure of course and use of spreadsheet in financial modeling

Introductory note to valuation modeling

  • Valuation modeling with an intro note
  • Agenda and proficient understanding of integrated finance models
  • Understand the basics of integrated financial models under CTD1
  • Learning more about other variations, CTD2, CTD3, CTD4, CTD5, and CTD6
  • Ways to define any worst case scene
  • Working with the cash flow
  • Interest rates along with the price of time

Ways to value a company

  • Valuation modeling part 2
  • Assessment techniques relating to backward looking accounting based
  • Profitability analysis
  • Forward-looking accounting base valuation technicalities
  • Discounted form of cash flows valuation techniques

Profitability analysis

  • Introduction to the project financial modeling
  • The internal rate of return or IRR
  • Calculation an IRR
  • Costing analysis
  • Opportunity cost
  • The prisoner’s dilemma
  • Profitability of the VC fund investment
  • Different measures of the profitability

Capital use and with diversification

  • Project finance modeling with capital uses along with diversification
  • Introductory note to the capital
  • Capital based measures dealing with profitability
  • Contribution of the current additional risks
  • Understanding the diversification of CTD 1
  • Assessing the currently required capital
  • Calculating the present risk value

Advanced company valuation

  • Merger and acquisition
  • Agenda
  • Starting from several values to one valuation
  • External factors’ influence
  • Impact of the chosen credit rating agencies
  • Synergies analysis
Hands-on practical packages

Apart from the theoretical classes, our Financial Modeling training in Hyderabad further comprises of some practical hands-on courses, for you. Here, you have the liberty to utilize what you have learned so far, and enjoy being an entire section for all. You can even try your hands with some real-life experiences, even before trying to be a part of the real world, over here. This will help you to kick start your financial career.

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