How Do You Become a Full-Time Stock Trader?

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The question that is to be asked initially is how do we become full-time not just in the stock trading but in any profession? Everyone tells that it is done step by step. Suppose, if you want to become a software engineer, you don’t learn everything in a week and start coding for the large projects and start earning 1 lakh rupees a month. You become a software engineer with a lot of learning for many months or years together. Similarly, to become a full-time stock trader, you need to go through a step by step process.

Step 1

Good that you like the profession of stock trading. The initial step, like in any other field or profession is that you need to do several deeper research into the same area and do considerably good and extensive homework to learn the basics.

Step 2

Find and collect or gather all the resources needed to learn the stock trading. Thanks to that the profession of stock trading does not demand a lot of money, like spending thousands or lakhs of rupees to learn the software in a short period. All you need is just one computer and the internet connection to perform the stock trading operations after you explore more in-depth about the pros and cons of the same field. It not what kind of computer or internet connection is used. What matters is the result, how much you traded, and how much profit you earned.

Step 3

Like for any profession, stock trading to needs individual core competencies. So, build the skills by meeting and discussing with the professionals and experts from the field of stock trading.

Step 4

Once you develop the core competencies, initiate trading. But remember that only with the limited capital or investment. Spend more time, observe every move in the stock index, keep listening to the experts and their movements and gain the experience. Give more time and efforts to learn and gain experience. Do not think about the immediate returns of the money at this point.

Step 5

Once you have reached the level that you wanted to achieve or the level that you set, before entering the stock trading, remember that it is not the ending point. Suppose you are managing one lakh rupees in the stock market. There is always a next level, where you want to go and enjoy the next level. You should keep on evolving the craft that you have learnt so far. If a software engineer reached the peak position in the profession, there is always the next level to explore and reach by founding a new company and doing the projects independently and making the profits. Similarly, discover the new standards and always try to reach that next level.

Any profession and every job demand time and efforts to master the same. The most important thing after you learns a job is not to sleep in the comfort zone, but discover the new levels and always enjoy reaching the new levels.