Technical Analysis

Relative Strength Index

The concept of relative strength index is pretty much simple as well as powerful, yet this powerful momentum oscillator is used by the investors in the business stock market. Over the period, the relative strength index has proven to be reliable as well as the efficient technical indicator to help the traders who enter and exit from […]

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On Balance Volume

On balance volume, the technical indicator is used to confirm the price changes. The calculation is given below- On the regular days, when the close balance is greater than then open balance, then its volume is added to the running OBV total. On the other hand, when the close balance is much lesser than the

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Mass Index

The mass index is one of the volatility gauge created by the Donald Dorsey plus discussed during June 1992 issues of the technical testing of commodities and stocks. By testing the widening and narrowing of trading ranges, the gauge determines potential reversals based on the marketplace patterns that are not frequently regarded by functional testing

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Fibonacci Arcs

Fibonacci arc is nothing but a technical analysis indicator utilized to offer hidden resistance as well as support to security. The Fibonacci arc is formed by initial drawing a trend line amid two swing points on the chart. These 2 points must be amid a clear trough as well as the peak on the chart.

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Exponential Moving Average

The EMA is the very renowned technique for smoothing data in a try to remove noise, and the tests manifest that it’s also greatly efficient. Unlike Similar Moving Average, which applies uniform weight to almost all data, the EMA more weight towards the latest data, hence, that it responds faster to rapid changes. You can

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Money Flow Index

The money flow index is one of the types of an oscillator that utilizes both volume and price to estimate selling and buying pressure. Developed by Avrum Soudack and Gene Quong, the money flow index is even called a volume-weighted RSI. MFI begins with the usual cost for every period. Money flow is positive when

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McClellan Oscillator

Need to add another great gauge to your arsenal? And do you need to boost your understanding of the stock market? Well, then how about evaluating out the McClellan Oscillator. It is one of the very famous and hugely utilized market breadth gauges around. What is it, and how is it measured?  Its label comes

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Aroon Indicator

Aroon indicator is used to determine the strength as well as trend direction. The greatest value of the indicator is to help the traders as well as investors in order to distinguish whether the long-term trend is ending or just stalling at it before making another move. Let’s a take look at how to calculate using Aroon

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Commodity Channel Index

The CCI is an oscillator initially flourished by Donald Lambert in the year 1980 and promoted in his book called “Commodities Channel Index: tools for Trading Cyclical Trends.” CCI is flexible indicators which can be utilized to recognize a brand new trend of warning of pervasive conditions. Donald basically flourished Commodities Channel Index to recognize

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Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave principle is kind of technical analysis which the traders of finance utilize to examine financial market cycles, and it forecast market trends by recognizing excess in investor psychology, lows, and highs in costs and other kinds of collective factors. Ralph Nelson Elliott is an expert accountant, invented the fundamental social principles and also

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